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Covid-19 Protocol

Temporary Visitor Protocol

The health and safety of our residents at Courtyard Manor is our top priority. In accordance with MDHHS orders & CMS guidance, the following visitation guidelines are in place:

Porch and Window Visits are PREFERRED/RECOMMENDED & must follow the following guidelines:

  1. All visits must be scheduled in advance and are by appointment only.

  2. Visitors are limited to two visitors per scheduled visit.

  3. Visits are currently limited to 1 hour to accommodate all visitors.

  4. All visitors must be screened prior to the visit and any visitors with a positive screening must be prohibited from visiting.

  5. All visitors must wear a face covering, use hand sanitizer, and not share food/remove mask at any time. If unable to comply with these requirements, the visitor will be prohibited from visiting in person.

  6. Visitors must remain 6 feet apart during the visit if the resident is unvaccinated. If the resident is fully vaccinated, they may choose to have physical contact with their visitor while wearing a well-fitted mask & hand sanitizing before & after contact.

  7. Visitors must provide a contact phone number and must also agree to notify CYM if they develop symptoms of Covid-19 within 14 days of their visit to CYM.


Indoor visitation is NOT preferred. Indoor visits may only occur when all of the above requirements are met and only in the following circumstances:

  1. CYM may limit the number of overall visitors at any given time based on space, infection control capacity, and other necessary factors.

  2. Visitor movement within the facility will be restricted to reduce the risk of infection.

  3. Visits for residents who share a room shall not be conducted in the resident’s room but must be in a designated area.

  4. Employees are available to provide training and information on infection control measures during all visits.

  5. Visitors providing ADL support or medical providers may have physical contact as needed to complete the service.

  6. Visitors participating in End of Life visits (with unvaccinated residents) may have physical contact if the resident is not Covid positive, the visitors are wearing appropriate PPE, and the time spent within 6 feet of the resident is no longer than 15 minutes.

  7. CYM recommends all indoor visitors get tested for Covid-19 and we will provide the testing.

  8. CYM may suspend indoor visitation as outlined in current CMS/MDHHS orders/guidance.

  9. Visits with residents in isolation or under observation for Covid-19 are prohibited.

All deliveries are to be left at the door for staff to bring in.

We will continue to take guidance from the Oakland County Health Department, the State of Michigan Department of Health & Human Services, and the CDC. Should you have any questions, please contact us. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank You for your understanding.

Updated 03/25/2021

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