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Our goal at Courtyard Manor of Wixom is to help residents reach their full potential by providing all-inclusive medical and psychiatric services in a secure, home-like setting for mentally ill adults, aged 35 and over, who may be also medically fragile.

Individualized Treatment Plans

When a referral is received, CYM conducts an initial evaluation to determine whether we can meet the needs of the resident. Upon acceptance, a full array of assessments is completed by our team to understand the resident's needs. Once the assessments are complete, the resident, guardian, and treatment team will use the Person-Centered Planning (PCP) process to develop an Individual Plan of Service (IPOS), also known as the Treatment Plan.

The IPOS is developed with the resident, guardian (if applicable), County CMH case manager, and the CYM treatment team and outlines the resident’s goals, objectives, and interventions that he/she would like to work on while at CYM. The resident’s progress is evaluated by the social worker on a monthly basis and by the treatment team (including the resident) on a semi-annual basis when the treatment plan is formally reviewed and updated as necessary.

Individual Treatment Plans

About Our Program

Program Overview

Our program operates around an organized, predictable, and structured milieu, which supports recovery, health and the well-being of each resident.  A written schedule, which structures staff/resident interactions, is posted in each building and reviewed daily with residents. Schedules are modified when needed to address psychological, behavioral and medical needs of residents.


CYM’s program consists of Milieu Management, Therapeutic Interventions, Resident and Family Education, and Clinical Services. Specific programming has been developed to ensure consistency in service delivery in each building.


All services are provided directly by CYM unless otherwise noted.

Program Goals

Specific program content has been established for each psychosocial rehabilitation goal that is designed to identify interests, reflect choices, improve self-image, and accomplish one or more of the following objectives:

  1. Support the recovery, health and well-being of the resident
  2. Enhance the quality of life of the resident

  3. Reduce symptoms

  4. Restore and improve functioning/personal growth

  5. Facilitate community integration

Clinical Services

Rewards System

When you recognize and reward progress, you can accelerate it.

That's why we utilize a unique reward system to motivate and praise our residents' progress each step of the way ... on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Upon admittance, each resident meets with his/her case manager to develop daily goals.

From there, we track and communicate each resident's progress on a daily basis.

Rewards include:

  • Opportunities to go out to eat

  • Gift cards

  • Special lunches and snacks

  • Monetary

  • Personalized gifts

  • And more


As a result, residents are empowered and make better progress. In fact, our community often tells us that our reward system is essential to their personal success here.

Rewards System

Referral & Assesment Process

Residents may be referred by contracted County Community Mental Health Agencies (CMH) and through Private Pay Referrals. CYM currently contracts with the following networks:

  • Oakland Community Health Network

  • Detroit-Wayne Integrated Health Network

  • Macomb County Community Mental Health

  • Washtenaw County Community Mental Health

  • Livingston County Community Mental Health

When a referral is received, CYM conducts a thorough evaluation to determine whether CYM can meet the needs of the resident. After the initial assessment and acceptance to CYM, upon admission, a full array of assessments is completed by multiple disciplines to ensure that the resident and staff have a thorough understanding of the resident’s needs. The resident will participate in assessments with the nurse, social worker, dietitian, psychiatrist, and primary care physician within the first 25 days of admission.

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