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Therapeutic Interventions

What is Therapeutic Intervention?

Our team strives to initiate positive behavioral changes in our resident through various Therapeutic Intervention techniques such as daily classes, activities, and services. We also focus on day-to-day skills as well as knowledge-based lessons.

All staff follow the IPOS and the resident's progress is documented daily and reviewed by a Social Worker on a monthly basis and by our Treatment Team (including the resident) on a semi-annual basis. Treatment is then updated accordingly.

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Explore our Therapeutic Interventions

Safety First Sessions

ADL (Activities of Daily Living) Classes

Hygiene and Grooming Classes

Interpersonal Skills Training

Medication Education

Structured Activities and Community Outings

Porch and Grounds Time

Exercise and Relaxation

Laundry Program

Cultural Diversity

Brain Games

Buddy System

Peer Support Services

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