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Mental health assistance in a home-like environment.

Safe & Secure
Few other facilities provide this continuum of care for both clinical and residential mental health services, based on each resident's specific needs.
Highly-Structured Routine
Our facility runs on a conservative medication philosophy; meaning we keep residents on the smallest amount of medication possible to maintain stability.
Highly Trained Staff
Here, you'll find a highly trained staff with low turnover, assuring that your family member receives appropriate, consistent, and compassionate treatment.
Reduced Rehospitalization
We see many residents progress enough to leave our program and move into a more independent environment, reducing the rehospitalization rate.

A Success Story

Cheryl Hasper

Former Resident of Courtyard

Manor of Wixom

My first hospitalization for psychiatric reasons was for depression at the age of 17. For years, I was very non-compliant with my medications. Using illegal drugs for self-medication was a big part of my life. I had too many hospitalizations to even count.

At the age of 42, I was placed into the care of the State of Michigan in adult foster care homes. At this point, not only did I have major psychiatric problems, but also major medical problems. I went from home to home, not having much success, until I ended up at Courtyard Manor of Wixom.

Courtyard Manor was an excellent place to regain my life. It took 10 years, but now I am in my own apartment. I cook, clean and have activities. I am happy and finally feel whole, enjoying life again.

Courtyard Manor was a structured environment for me with staff and residents who cared for each other. It was a little community inside a bigger community. My experience there gave me the strength to realize that I could handle things better in life. Courtyard helped me to understand my mental illness and that the key to stabilization is medication.


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